Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Datasat Communications offers new wave of TETRA network services for mining

Datasat Communications, a company well-known for providing quality remote satellite communications services, announced recently that the company is offering a new range of TETRA network services aimed at mine operators who plan on upgrading their analogue Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) networks to digital ones. The service delivers design, build and network transition to allow operators to enjoy TETRA standard mission critical voice and data services via satellite infrastructure integration and wireless broadband.

The new services from Datasat are custom-designed to improve the capabilities and reach of TETRA networks via a series of rapid deploy solutions and satellite backhaul.

In a company statement, Datasat Communications General Manager Bernie Branfield said that radio communications is a crucial part of all remote mine operation. The development of PMR paves the way for companies to improve their mission critical voice services and deliver fail safe data services in areas such as asset management, health and safety, and operational effectiveness.

"TETRA is now an important critical communications technology in a number of industries including public safety and security, mining, transport and utilities,” Branfield added. “Its excellent voice capabilities – such as group calling – are now complemented by enhanced data services that greatly increases the range of applications where TETRA is a viable solution. Datasat Communications has experience of using satellite to ensure the availability of mission critical communications in remote areas. We also have the wireless and terrestrial communications capabilities for modern organisations to integrate TETRA into a single communications infrastructure."

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