Tuesday, February 5, 2013

iDirect upgrades will revv up ITC Global mining sector satellite network

VT iDirect, Inc. will be deploying its upcoming iDX 3.2 software and next-generation Evolution X7 remote to upgrade the satellite network that ITC Global operates on behalf of the mining sector.

The iDirect upgrade will speed up the data throughput of ITC's satellite network to meet the 20+ Mbps bandwidth currently required by the mining sector. The faster inbound and outbound data rates allow for better handling of multiple critical IP applications on a unified platform.

In addition, the iDirect iDX 3.2 software and Evolution X7 remote will augment the already high availability of ITC's satellite services in a variety of location under various weather conditions.

The ITC Global satellite network handles Voice over IP (VoIP,) radio over IP, CCTV, remote permission and control, the automation of critical operational tasks, and similar IP applications. Mining companies use these communications services to enhance the productivity of their businesses; comply with initiatives and commitments on health, safety and environmental; speed up overall time to market; and maximize continuity of supply to end customers.

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